What is call and put in option trading

When he sells, the person buying from it becomes the holder of the contract. I would like to know the following things. Traders just trade premiums. For now, here are a few key points that you should remember —.

September 6, at Now what happens here B1 just transfers his position to another person, say B2 who is interested to take position from B1. July 14, at 5:

These are fairly common to expect in the options world. European option means the settlement is on expiry day. Great tool, but not sure if its still actively supported. STT stands for Security Transaction Tax, which is levied by the Government whenever a person does any transaction on the exchange.

I am really struggling to get such tools from the market. Thanks Karthik for reply, but i am still not clear with point number 1. This information is highlighted in the red box. However, having downloaded Opts Oracle, I am struggling to select the database. Not working for me having tried all troubleshooting.

Firstly, I convey my heartily thank for this type of wonderful effort. April 23, at 1: Going by that, buying a call option and buying a put option is called Long Call and Long Put position respectively. Extremely thankful to you for sharing.

September 28, at No, options are non linear instruments and have multiple forces option Greeks acting upon them. The CE premium opened the day at Rs.

Clearly there are two favorable market conditions for the option seller versus one favorable condition for the option buyer. Check the brokerage calculator to figure out the profitability — https: This means to say that the option writers earn small and steady returns by selling options, but when a disaster happens, they tend to lose a fortune.

The speed at which the ship sails assume its equivalent to the option premium depends on various forces such as wind speed, sea water density, sea pressure, and the power of the ship. If I am doing so, should I do that by writing a put option? May 8, at 9: September 2, at 7: November 14, at 5:

September 22, at 7: You can square off anytime you wish, but exercising is only on the expiry day, and it does make a huge difference on when you can exercise your contracts. June 19, at