Trading broker and clearing broker fees

It is a good idea to pay attention not only to the commissions your broker charges, but to other fees as well. While many brokers do not charge customers miscellaneous fees associated with a transaction, those that do may charge widely differing amounts. Some firms have charged different fees based on the branch office where the account is held and some firms have charged different fees to different customers. If you have a question, concern or complaint about an investment, or you think you have encountered fraud, please contact the SEC, FINRA or your state securities regulator to get assistance.

For our Investor Bulletin about how to read confirmation statements, visit investor. For our Investor Bulletin about how fees impact your investment, visit investor. Securities and Exchange Commission. I am already a member of Euronext markets Read more. Appendix to Trading Manual. In such circumstances, a Minimum Activity Charge as described above MAC will be calculated on a prorata temporis basis and according to the number of trades, for that trading member.

VAT is not included Trading fee structure. If you need more information. Subscribe to our newsletter Sign up to our newsletter and receive regular updates and news directly from the stock exchange. Not covered by the agreement. Furthermore, the Client accepts that in principal markets, where STX introduces a clearing counterparty, STX may charge a fee in form of a margin between the buy and sell transaction price. Counterparty names are only disclosed once the parameters are agreed and the counterparties have consented to disclosure in order to complete the transaction.

Upon disclosure, the Client accepts, acknowledges and agrees that the counterparties are committed to the transaction subject only to credit approval and the involved parties may not unreasonably withhold or delay that approval.

The Client must notify its employees of this consent and obtain their consent to the recording if required by law. STX is not obligated to monitor whether a particular employee or representative of the Client is duly authorized to provide instructions.

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that its contact details as registered with STX are always up to date. Trading Venues and national regulatory authorities. Effective Date of these Terms 1.

Conflict of Interest 3. Records, Information and recording of Telephone Conversations 8. Bribery, Corruption and Money Laundering Prevention 9. Limitation of Liability