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Already at the beginning of his career as an artist in the late 1980s, Varnai was interested in making object art out of everyday objects and their components, and this predilection for quotidian object culture has not subsided to this day. Then again, one of the most characteristic features of Varnais art is that the medium has fundamental significance in the concept of each piece, and therefore has a similar role in shaping the layers of meaning and the readings proffered by the work.

In the currently exhibited piece entitled Special Prize, the newspaper strips shaping a chalice, the mixing head of the blender and the rest of the components neither represent themselves, nor are they merely present as materials or formal components: the associations they give rise to endow the piece with further layers of meaning.

A similar principle is manifested in the works Law of Large Numbers, Oldenburg 3 and Fractal, while in the case of the series How to Draw Strength from Others, Varnai resorts to the device of visual tautology.

His most characteristic genre is installation, but he also works in countless other media.