Tf2 pink taco trading options

Valve's advice is at times contradicting. The above is not allowed. Could it be argued hats and pets are not CSGO items, because it cannot go in their inventory? Hats and pets are not part of CSGO ecosystem and inventories. I dont run custom weapons, custom knives, knives , weapon skins etc My response above was more dedicated to your "Why is this unapproved? I don't run custom weapons, custom knives, knives , weapon skins etc Well, to begin with it was the weapon paints and knifes that did all the stuff, but custom stuff was allowed.

Next it ended up on being explained that no custom models was allowed, not even if they weren't a part of the CS: And then that text was striked through like hours later.. I cannot provide a guarantee though. Well got mysql working, however due to certain reasons, my player skins aren't working well. Verifica se os modelos estao upados meu amigo! Idk where that idea came from lol. How can I import my existing sourcemod-local. Does anyone have any idea? Please use the search function first I don't want store my database in sourcemod folders.

Sorry but thats not the answer. I was pointing you in the right direction. Looking for coders that can compile this Plugins as well as the wedding plugins found in this forum such as adding more perks and modules to the weddings plugins and people can share or pay for something using the credits in this store for the wedding plugins. Looking for coders that can compile this Plugins as well as the wedding plugins found in this forum such as adding more perks and modules to the weddings plugins and people can share or pay for something using the credits in this store for the wedding plugins You can add me but I have been really busy lately so I am not sure how soon it can be done.

You can add me but I have been really busy lately so I am not sure how soon it can be done. You need to download SQLiteStudio http: Is it possible to change this store to buy guns ak, m4a Wondering how do i make or add more colors to work for name tags? I only have a few colors that is working like blue,lightred but not pink , even though it is use as one of the default tag colors?

Such a shame that this plugin was leaked to such an extent that you had to release it publicly Zephyrus: Just go to the gift box thread, get the source code and edit the model location YOU want. Guys, help me please. I changed according to the comment and I'm still getting the big error box: Someone have the complete list of menu model for every things of the store? If not, someone have the menu model for servers commands: How i can add items to mysql? Has anyone been able to get TF unusual effects to work?

Seems broken nothing appears. Is there any version without weapon skins and knives? Just remove the modules for them. Well I think inside main code there are some stuff with weapons too store. Player can buy a skin for both of the teams, and one team only. Just remove "team" "3"? How to sell skins for all team T and CT? Try and remove the "team" "3", and see what happens.. I constantly get kicked with this message: I have tried deleting bluelightning.

Some players in my server can't see the trails I dont know if it is by i have not made fast download when i put the store or if has another solution. Please help They will need to download the trails somehow So either put up something they can download from, or make sure that they have downloaded the trails manually. As i seen in the config this plugin doesn't have the weapon paints anymore right?

My friends download the trails and they cant see the trails, please help. Make sure you add the new materials and such to your FastDownload website. Zephyrus Hi, I'd like to make a suggestion or a question depending if this is configurable or not.

I want to make it so players are able to get more credits when they get certain kills. Also I want to make it so players will receive.. Any help, is still help. Zephyrus , again, or maybe Franc1sco may be of some help, I'm willing to pay someone to make this plugin in itself, optional.

I'm talking about people who just come on to the server for warming up and don't want to see any hats or trails or anything like that. Basically like "Enable custom models i. Please, this is very important, and any help is grateful, thanks in advance. I want my players to work for it, but with the option of other players to disable the hats to make the gameplay more serious, if you will.

Maybe someone here can help me. If i name is Player Models same thing but if i name it Mask it works lol Does not show up in! Why is this plugin still unapproved?

Anyone know how to add player skin's in? Been trying and its not working lol can't even get it to show up in the store menu. Also, a big question for you guys, i've seen that all the models from the store, like hats, mask and that are about mb, does someone have them compiled already in bz2 and they can share it to me?

If i don't compile the weapon skins and knives, will i be safe from Valve madness? I mean in reality you should be fine if you didn't add those items in your items. So after looking at the item. These are just gonna be player skins for what ever team they are on should not matter if they are T or CT just wanna add in the models for the whole server. Does anyone know how to properly setup the Glow module?

I've tried a few things in items. Trying to compile the plugin without the weaponpaints and knives but it always gives me compile errors, could someone share me the smx compiled without skins and knifes? This will save you a lot of trouble, time and work. Think i found a bug. When you sell a Skin it shows that its Sold but it doesn't update unless you reconnect to the server. Hello, I search this whole thread, and the forums.

How can I add bunnyhop and jetpack to the store? Does anyone have the layout to do it? Anyone have same exploit with selling something but not selling it at all but gaining credits?

I have the last version of this plugin. I want know if it's possible and how i can do that: How i can add an tag that just admin can buy?

Ok, thanks other question: How i can add grenade? I have test PokeBall but the skin don't work. I don't show the skin! And How i can add pets?? I guys, i have problem with the addon for custom knifes There is black texture: Any people have an idea?

Valve not approve to use custom skins foe weapons. Ok but do you know how i can resolve this? Hi, i have an error but i don't found where? And after add skin, i have downloaded tem but i don't see the skin that i have equipped. Everything written in human language. Thanks, now i have correct all errors: But, there is a problem while i add t team skins in the store: No errors in the console.

GO I been searching in many pages and didn't find a fix, i wonder if you guys know these bugs? Thanks in advanced To my understanding, to fix the model positions, just change the coordinates in items.

Damn, thought they could work for CS: GO, and damn again, it's a really long list of colours! Csgo has a limited list of colors. I have just got this and each time i enable the smx from disabled to just plugins folder, each time i join my server it instantly crashes. No longer crashing, But it does not load Store plugin even though it is enabled and it loads Gifts. Any error logs would be great although sounds like it could be a missing translation file to me. Getting this error in csgo, i cant connect to my server anymore Ive tried everything, even removing the plugin doesnt help someone pls help..

Does anyone know why the hats or glasses wont work for csgo?: That solved the problem, thanks. Well I installed the plugin.. Shouldnt the models come with it?

Problem solved, no clue how though: If you're buying a cake in the super market, do you also get the ingredients? Or do you actually have to do more e.

I'm trying to add new tracers to the store, but I noticed that the type "tracers" has a default model for the tracer. Then I added extra code to the plugin, in order to create new types and change the default model of each type. I managed to make the shop working, but the model didn't change, it was still using the default model. Even if I comment the cvar of the model at the cfg. It doesn't change the model according to the type. Any idea how to solve this? Share your code and we will see what is wrong.

Can i just ask, if i download just the base plugin and not the custom skins and what not. Is this plugin got something in it that causes a GSLT ban? I dont know how to install player skins, i have uploaded everything to the fastdl. I Can't get this "simple" plugin to work. Then I changed the following line with the model I want: If you do not add any valve official stuff into it, there should be no issues at all. Can someone help me out, i cant changed the prices for the items at all, items.

Does someone has the items. Iv tried downloading it, it aint messy no more i did arrange all of it with prices etc..

Stupid question but can you tell me step by step how to do it? Got a new vps, ubuntu Store - The Resurrection: Failed to connect to SQL database. Could not find driver "mysql" My database is in another machine though, it works fine on that one.

Any packages or extensions I'm missing here? No such file or directory A quick google search showed that I needed to install libz. To those with the same issue. If I change the convar name, like: Whu is this plugin unaproved? Hey guys i been playing with thise for a while and cant make it work, what i want to do is to make these appear in the menu Pets- Playerskins- Trails- Auras- as menus but i cant make it work can someone help me out?

Hello, Does anyone know if there was a jihad plugin working with this? In the store settings cfg, there is commands regarding a jibhad bomb jailbreak c4 bomb I have the bhop and jetpack working I just need information on how to get the c4 bomb into the store?

Will pay 2 keys to anyone who can assist. Also if anyone needs help configuring there store or errors just message me or add me on steam - I can assist for free if you have having trouble http: I've created a pr https: Anyone have issues since update the other day? Ever since that update, on all 4 of our servers, the store quit working. It doesn't want to connect to the database anymore for some reason. Any of you guys know why, some of my store items does not have capitalized letters in the name, even though it has in my items.

I'm having issue using this plugin and this one https: I'm wondering if there's a cvar or something from store to set the skin after 1 second, Boomix, a friend of mine tried to add that delay to Zephyrus store but it was a mess, since all the cosmetics were getting fucked up after the plugin sets the model http: I noticed an exploit with the paintballs module if you are using that. There was also a bug, where users could buy the "Bunny mask" and get the gold for free, so later they sell the Gold and get extra credits, check if you have bunny gold mask!

Question i'm trying to update the code here to read from another Database for the flag part for vip. But i can't find in the check where its loading the flag from inside the. I can't fully remember but it had to do with buying and selling.

Im having a weird problem.. If a player model is missing from the game server Would that stop it from showing in shop too? I have disabled betting but when I joined the server it was enabled lol! I think some players just where abusing this feature. I can't fully remember but it had to do with buying and selling Ehh, wasn't that something with the other store where you had to!

Ehh, wasn't that something with the other store where you had to! Nah it was with this store. Some of my members would buy a paintball and it would grant other ones after the client reconnected if I can remember correctly. It was something like that. Anyone retaking this plugin for developing it further? It needs to be fixed, etc refunding contains a glitch that item is not removed from inventory, but you gain credits.

So I've been having this bug where when this plugin is added to the server it will crash on map change everytime. I get no errors from the plugin just that specific problem that started happening when I moved to linux or due to the recent update, unsure. I have like 16 or so of these I am selling. Add me if you agree at 1 scrap a piece: Ill sell this for 25 keys.

Post below or add me. I want a pair with no scammers on it. Yeah its lvl idk what its worth but yeah just add me if you want it. I dont want 1 scrap offers but anything over 1 scrap I will consider lel: Thanks For Your Time: Selling this Vivid Plasma Western Wear!

Add me only if you have the most amazing offer in the entire world or my buy out. Cancer Hats Are Fun ;p Especially ones with clean histories! No levels ;p Has a guud day ;p. D Unusual offers welcome btw ;p. Selling this Nuts and Bolts Detective Noir! Any paypal trades will go this way. You go first Option 2: We get a certified middleman to work with us. Has a nice day!

Add me for a quick simple and painless trade: