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Gamaya provides an integrated solution for large-scale airborne monitoring and diagnostics of farmland based on hyperspectral imaging HSI technology. Gamaya acquires imagery data using sensors mounted on drones, and translates the data into actionable information for farmers, such as the swisscom mobile ausland option trading rates of application for fertilizers and crop protection chemicals.

Among our customers we see large farming swisscom mobile ausland option trading, agricultural consulting and and agronomy offices, which provide agricultural field management, planning swisscom mobile ausland option trading advisory services to farmers.

Our imagery hyperspectral data allows them to detect, diagnose and control plant and crops diseases, monitor growth of plants and recommend needed treatment. It saves manuals, stores plans and connects smart devices. It facilitates communication between real estate managers and neighbours. It swisscom mobile ausland option trading tenants and owners to share and network within a housing estate.

And with the PLUS options, it puts you easily into the position of generating a profitable "better life" services business. Your app — your choice of services. Novertur is the next generation business matching swisscom mobile ausland option trading for the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. Thanks to its Internet-enabled matchmaking system, Novertur automatically generates market-entry reports with lists of potential trade and business partners in minutes instead of weeks.

Plugged to national business registers, Novertur scans a market exhaustively removing the risk to miss on any opportunity. Novertur offers this business matchmaking service to both SMEs and trade promotion agencies that help them grow international. This patent-pending system is developed in collaboration with a Swiss University and through a partnership co-financed by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation.

Spotnik makes the Internet of things simple by providing everything necessary to connect the world's devices, manage their information and build intelligent solutions.

U-Start is the market place where early stage investors can find the most innovative opportunities and scalable businesses. We support family offices and VCs in finding, analysing and pursuing opportunities in startups from Europe, Africa and Latin America.

The Swiss technology and consulting company develops state-of-the-art semantic matching solutions for the use of complex big occupation and skills data. Fitness video, Fitness App. P4P intends to promote through its multimedia contents, improvements in the physical condition and the development of a positive and winning state-of-mind, typical of sports environments. When you start a journey, you'd like to travel more for less.

Hotelscan is a search service for keen travelers who want to find the lowest prices for the best hotels and make the right swisscom mobile ausland option trading. Now Hotelscan does this job for you, finding available hotels and comparing prices from all major booking websites. There is a pinch of coding magic in our search algorithm, so you can pick hotels by cities, streets, addresses, hotel names and even landmarks.

Enter your destination and our service will scan available hotels in a glimpse of an eye. So why stay in a cramped motel when you can afford a luxury hotel at discounted rates? Say no to mysterious hotel fees or hidden city taxes. Hotelscan does all the math for you and uses only final prices.

InsideIndustry by Hoosh offers online marketers competitive intelligence and market insights in a matter of minutes. Insights based on big data streams from the worlds largest search engine. We empower our customers to make better marketing decisions faster and to keep a close eye on their competitors.

Understand current and new market mechanisms and explore competitor strategies. We currently cover 5 countries, 20 industries and categories out-of-the-box and offer the possibility to customize. Additional 5 countries and 25 industries will be added soon. AgFlow is a web-based market information platform for traders of agriculture products involved in physical markets.

Yield Pop's mission is to automate agronomic advice. Farmers everywhere lack the unbiased and relevant advice needed to improve their practises and make the right decisions to maximise their yields and profits. Our launch product is an online tool which allows farmers to search, compare and select the best seed and chemical inputs for their operations. We are piloting the tool for US corn and soybean farmers but over time we aim to serve farmers globally.

Squirro provides context intelligence in the enterprise. Broader than feeds and more specific than search, Squirro filters out the noise to give you the content that matters most. Scanning thousands of sources from social media, private databases and swisscom mobile ausland option trading internal sources to find the most relevant on any topic of interest. The result swisscom mobile ausland option trading a living collection you can synthesize, analyze, and share.

Either as extension to your CRM or as stand alone web app. Using the platform, the community itself identifies the most promising investment opportunities which are then further reviewed by experts from the relevant industry.

A final selection is made by the investiere team and its partners after a careful due diligence. Investors who are approved by the investiere team, can directly choose a specific startup to invest in. Since investiere participated in close to 30 financing rounds raising more than CHF 10 million. In alone investiere raised CHF 5. Join us for the ride.

Free iPhone app https: Ask questions about places and neighborhoods swisscom mobile ausland option trading get answers from people on the ground. Like having a good friend swisscom mobile ausland option trading every bar, store, neighborhood in your city, who you can text and ask anything.

In Green ID, we are sustainable technology brokers. We believe in enabling technology for transition in cities and communities. We provide urban clean tech enterprises with innovation services to reach end consumers in the smart energy homes market in Europe and Latin America. Connecting green technology enterprises with international business opportunities in Europe and Latin America. Smart Swisscom mobile ausland option trading Innovation Acceleration Transition GrID Connecting people and technology with community as a service for smart energy homes With our service we reduce your time to market; lower entry barriers and risk; provide you with early adopter communities to deploy your technology; we manage your pilots to adapt your product to swisscom mobile ausland option trading faster.

Join our network and look for partners, communities and demo pilots for your clean technology; smart energy product or service. Society3's mission is to help more entrepreneurs fulfill their business dreams than ever before possible. As an accelerator and fundraising platform we are helping growth stage companies and startups gain significant market traction, raise money, create jobs and stimulate their local economies. Some hundred thousand successful startups can create more jobs than the globally combined unemployment rate.

They can create more wealth in their local communities than in the previous quantum leap of our society during the industrial revolution or in the first societal establishment during the Egyptian dynasty a few thousand years before.

We are all Society3. The founders of Society3 and associated advisers are successful serial entrepreneurs and now helping other startups gain traction and grow their business. The solution is based off copy-proof digital graphics that can be authenticated via mobile application and stores data from each scan on the cloud for easy access to draw actionable insights on your supply chain and consumer behavior.

About FuelRods FuelRods are the first reusable, portable charging system that allows you to fuel charge your mobile device on the go, and then recharge or swap for a fresh one. With the simple swipe of a credit card you will get a portable charging unit capable of delivering up to 8 hours of additional talk time on the average smart phone, or nearly 4 additional hours of usage on the most demanding of tablets.

The FuelRod is the latest technology in portable charging technology with the highest energy density on the market. Recharge it yourself, swap it for a fully fueled unit at low to no cost, or simply return it. Android or Apple… The adapters are in the kit and they are yours to keep. In minutes, members can set up their own website for free with a built-in shop, blog news and projects, post albums and videos and connect with thousands of other like-minded individuals.

Our easy to use, one click Facebook-shop and blog-shop apps allow our members to spread the word on social platforms quickly in order to attract shoppers right from the start. As the first marketplace of its kind, ezebee. BrandMate iPhone App is the tailor-made community for Brand Ambassadors, the go-to place for brand-related interaction.

Build exceptional relationships within a community of Brand Lovers. Explore the latest on any brand. Swisscom mobile ausland option trading BM you can: Download BrandMate from iTunes at www.

We're a leading brand in the field and constantly work to improve our software and our service to make meetings even better, inspire even more participation and make mobile technology an even more human experience. Our offices are scattered across the globe. And we're on the prowl for talented, dedicated and passionate people out to bring some beautiful tech and skill to bear on the mobile event app market. Advanon is providing an online platform where SMBs looking for short-term financing can sell their invoices to financial Investors.

Through the easy-to-use platform, SMBs can improve their cash balance instantly. Investors, on the other hand, get access to an alternative type of short-term investments with a substantial yearly return. We offer unbundled compute power in the form of swisscom mobile ausland option trading machines with powerful advanced features tailoring virtual infrastructure to application need.

All this rented on 5-minute billing cycle. We focus on honeymoons but also love to create amazing anniversary voyages or the perfect trip for a proposal.

Full of luxury, exciting experiences and unforgettable memories, we help to craft magical journeys - once in a lifetime experiences. Every journey is unique and individually tailored based on the interests and desires of our customers combined with our vast knowledge of Europe. We offer complete trips, including the booking of flights, hotels, restaurants as well as full-fledged service during the entire trip through a personal travel concierge. Fotokite mission is create universally accessible aerial photography solutions.

The Fotokite is a tethered flying camera designed for reliable and safe flight, with a quick setup-to-shot ready time. It is perfect for journalism, aerial inspection, and fun. During the entire flight, the Fotokite maintains a constant angle for steady and smooth shooting. Thanks to this swisscom mobile ausland option trading patent-pending approach, no piloting skills are required, and it is safe to use near people and infrastructures. The user can put all his focus on what really matters: We are a small energetic team of roboticists, combining top-notch systems engineering with intuitive user interaction to bring an accessible, safe and legal product to the market.

We are currently refining our prototypes, using valuable real-life feedback from our swisscom mobile ausland option trading partners like BBC and National Geographic.

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