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Solution architecture is typically designed within a project context. Although we focus on the right process for this design activity frequently in our blog, the intersection of that process with the process of delivering an actual production solution is very important. The point of the model is to impress upon newbie project managers the options analysis impossibility of a Goldilocks project options analysis delivers its objective perfectly, on time, and on budget.

Better get used to contingency planning and expect trade-off analysis from the start. Architects instinctively know this model, but few understand how it applies to their discipline and the activities they perform in support of projects. Software or solution architecture is a product options analysis a options analysis — a deliverable. These are all measures of quality, usually along non-functional lines. Our architecture triangle is not specifically concerned with functional scope.

So what do you do if, in the course of designing the architecture of a solution, a contentious issue arises that requires a decision with cost and time implications?

You define options analysis options. First we kick it off with a condensed — but complete — options analysis of how we got here and how we get out:. Including options ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Leading a project team through this exercise brings several benefits: To learn more about how options analysis can improve your architecture or project practice, contact us!

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