Opciones de acciones dejar de trabajar

For measure groups and partitions, adds newly available fact data and process only to the relevant partitions. For example, if the processing job contains only dimensions, Analysis Services Analysis Services also processes all partitions affected by the dimension processing for partitions that are currently in a processed state. This setting causes Analysis Services Opciones de acciones dejar de trabajar Services to fork off processing tasks to run in parallel inside a single transaction. Un objeto afectado se define por la dependencia del objeto.

Controls the number of errors processed by selecting one of these options: Procesar datos Process Data. The Parallel option is useful for speeding up processing.

The default setting is Report and continue. Procesa un objeto de Analysis Services Analysis Services y todos los objetos que contiene. El Desarrollo Sustentable propone satisfacer las necesidades del presente, sin comprometer la capacidad de las futuras generaciones de satisfacer sus propias necesidades.

Detects the process state of database objects, and performs processing necessary to deliver unprocessed or partially processed objects to a fully processed state. This topic applies to multidimensional and data mining solutions. If one process fails, only that process is rolled back and the processing job continues. Forces a re-read of data and an update of dimension opciones de acciones dejar de trabajar. Si se llevan a cabo correctamente todos los procesos de un trabajo de procesamiento, se confirman todos los cambios realizados por el trabajo de procesamiento.

La tabla existente se elimina y se reemplaza. This makes the objects temporarily unavailable. Stop on error is the default setting with Number of errors set to 0 and On error action set to Stop processing. Procesar objetos afectados Process Affected Objects. Controla el modo en que se administran las tablas de reescritura durante el procesamiento.

Ya basta de Jeeps y Hummers para una sola persona. This is the default setting. Determines the action taken by Analysis Services Analysis Services when errors occur during processing. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Cada trabajo confirma todos los cambios del proceso al final del trabajo. When you process using One Transactionall changes are committed after the processing job succeeds. If an object is set to use default configuration settings, Analysis Services Analysis Services uses the default settings that are listed for each option. Flexible aggregations and indexes on related opciones de acciones dejar de trabajar will be dropped. Begin typing your search above and press return to search.

Clave NULL convertida en desconocida. Some processing settings are primarily used for batch processing jobs. If a key value does not yet exist in a record, one of these actions is selected to occur: Una gota puede contaminar hasta 10mil litros de agua.

Se descarta el registro. Notify me of new comments via email. Null key not allowed. You can select Stop processingwhich causes the processing job to fail and roll back any changes, or Stop loggingwhich enables processing to continue without logging errors. This is default value.