Futures and options trading group

All of the terms under which the commodity, service or financial instrument is to be transferred are established before active trading begins, so neither side is hampered by ambiguity. Futures contracts are traded at a futures exchange and only at a futures exchange. There are currently eight futures exchanges in the U.

The price of agricultural commodities fluctuates, foreign exchange rates change from minute to minute, interest rates and equity indexes rise and fall. Nothing stays the same. And that's why futures are so useful and so essential to business operations all over the world. The study of the factors that affect supply and demand.

The key to fundamental analysis is to gather and interpret this information and then to act before this information is incorporated into the futures price. This lag time between an event and its resulting market response presents a trading opportunity for the fundamentalist. This approach to price prediction is based on the premise that price movements follow consistent historical patterns. Those who engage in technical analysis study charts or statistics that measure price movements and try to find repetitive patterns.

They start with the basic bar chart that plots high, low and closing prices of a futures contract over the life of the contract.

Current activity is watched carefully for familiar patterns of price movement. Orders in the Pit: A futures brokerage firm "house" that is a member of Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME places orders to buy or sell futures or options contracts for companies or individuals and earns a commission on each transaction. Everyone who trades futures and options on futures contracts must have an account with a futures brokerage house, which is officially called Futures Commission Merchant FCM.

Hull's massively scalable software technology was deployed to cover both domestic and international markets as electronic, on-line exchanges became available, while innovative hand-held computer technology was employed at exchanges still requiring execution by floor traders. The company's proprietary technology allowed it to execute tens of thousands of transactions daily. The company was also known for its emphasis on teamwork and democratic pay structure, in which employees awarded each other bonuses.

Since pay was based on nominations received, the system has been described as highly meritocratic. Equity partnership interest was widely distributed among employees.

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