Bitcoin options chain

Price has since fallen below the cornerstone investor entry price which gives me a degree of comfort that there will not be sellers when price goes back past that level. Like all resource investments, it is a challenge knowing when exploration ends and production begins and how much capital will be asked for.

It is a waiting game. De Grey was where the big Pilbara discovery was made - they are neighbours. De Grey price has also fallen back but there is still a percentage point differential.

I want half of that from Kairos. I do hold De Grey. Oil Services Oil Services lags behind oil prices and oil producer stocks. Oil prices are moving - some analysts think will be a solid year. A quick look at the chart confirms this. As oil price rises oil services will follow.

I averaged down entry price on a number of oil services supply businesses I have been invested in. I wrote extensively about my thesis on oil services in TIB29 and about the 2 of the 3 following oil service technology suppliers. The next chart shows my 3 candidates relative to OIH black bars since then. CARBO provides engineered oil and gas production enhancement, industrial performance enhancement, and environmental protection solutions. It red line has outperformed OIH this year though my early investment is not profitable as I bought in February at the peak - time to average down and ride the bounce back to the February highs.

Dawson yellow line provides geophysical services to the oil industry. Price has shown a bounce off the lows and has since made a higher high - feels less risky than the orange line below it on the chart. Emerge operates two businesses in oil services. One is a sand business that supplies sand used for fraccing.

The other is a fuel terminal business. Price has shown a bounce off the lows though it has not made a higher high since that reversal. US Offshore Oil Driller. I extended the bid to one of my other portfolios - not takers yet.

I wrote in TIB about the expiring options in Scorpio Bulkers and how Scorpio has under-performed the other bulk shippers in the portfolio. Undaunted by losing those option trades I decided to have another go on June expiring options.

A straight go at the 7. Last time I bought a 7. This time I narrowed it in to a 7. I made the trade becasue I have seen what bulk shippers have been able to achieve. Economic conditions are better now.

The charts work for me to. The chart shows the bought call 7. What I like is the profit cap is at the same level as early highs and all it will take is a repeat of a modest run-up the left hand blue arrow to get to the maximum.

Signal came in from research house to buy ANZ, the 4th largest Australian bank. Chart shows a classic reversal and solid support a bit further back - good enough for me. Was not hit on the few outstanding open bids for covered calls. Time to step back and calculate how well the hedging trades did. Overall I made a return of 5 times the original hedging trade BCH price. This is exactly how stock options started out in the US, especially weekly options, and they quickly became one of the fastest growing financial instruments, in terms of popularity, in the world.

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Like the approval for options trading, the fact that futures trading for Bitcoin is in the works is also a huge deal. The more ways there are to trade BTC, the more opportunity there is.

The best bet is to wait two months and you can trade them in the US. This is unequivocally the best route to go, as trading via an unregulated exchange with poor liquidity has never boded well for traders in the past. As cryptocurrencies begin to catch grow in popularity, we eventually foresee a world where they will be heavily traded by institutions and retail investors alike around the world.

The fact that futures and options trading will now be permitted and regulated in the US for Bitcoin is a massive step in the right direction for the future of all digital currencies. Are There Options for Bitcoin? Options Bro August 8,