Binary options premium and value

By Evan McDaniel, May 23, For regular options, losing premium value having a long call or long put position, is not something that works in your favor. Buying a binary option is similar to buying an option call. There is a cost, limited risk, a bullish direction bias however at expiration the potential gains are capped.

If there is any intrinsic value at expiration, i. For the binary seller, there are some similarities to both a long put and short call.

First selling a binary there is a cost, like long put which is the difference between the binary trade price and Remember the binary pricing can only trade between 0 to so selling the binary, you are short at the trade price.

With binary options, your risk is always limited so the risk is if binary options premium and value binary price trades higher up to Selling the binary, the trade price binary options premium and value the profit potential if the binary finishes in the money at expiration where the binary options premium and value value is equal or below the binary strike.

Like selling calls, the premium collected is the maximum profit potential. Theta still impacts the binary pricing however this can be understood intuitively. The binary settlement payout is all or none at expiration and will finish either at 0 or So if your binary is already in the money, i. For the binary holders who have binary positions long or short that are out of the money then the theta component is decaying the binary value as there is less time for the underlying price to move directionally to be either over or under the strike to finish in the money.

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