Best day trading twitter accounts

This is a list of crypto daytraders on Twitter who are very succesful and share their knowledge on how they do it. Following them will really help you in your trades and can make you some good money.

Of course, don't stop thinking for yourself! Now let me introduce you to CryptoYoda - CryptoYoda An absolute must-follow! Just like the Yoda from Star Wars a source of wisdom. CryptoVisionary - CryptoEye Great sharing of technical analysis, theory and crypto news. Tatlises - cryptotatlises An Absolute Must-Follow! Thus guy is a mad man and very good in what he does. Great directions on his trades and explanation on why he best day trading twitter accounts them.

Vincent is the Ethereum Evangelist, cryptojesus, cryptodamus and more. Most of his sharing of predictions he does on his Youtube Channel Ethereum Evangelist. Christopher Inks - TXWestCapital An allround great guy with detailed explanation of his best day trading twitter accounts and the current market.

This is the mad man of them all. He is humble and a master in daytrading. If you only follow one, let this be him. He will take you down in the depths of Crypto, searching for treasure. Frisb - pterion This guy knows his shit. I hope this will be of great value for best day trading twitter accounts Don't forget to upvote and share this article with the traders you choose to follow.

I wrote an article about best day trading twitter accounts. You can read it here: My Steemit post went Viral on Twitter. Look at the Results! Very good pick indeed. However see what happend in crypto this week and its danger. Thanks for your tips, well noted. Lets stay in touch. For sure need to do our own due diligence, I still believe that the more second opinions we get the more informed decision we can make!

Here is another article that i did about crypto experts, i best day trading twitter accounts though more on long-term investing and overall advice, less than daytrading - maybe it's useful for someone here too - https: I'm compiling a nice list of experts to follow.

Just my third day in the cryptocurrency world so I'm just taking it all in and hoping something sticks. I would add BrunoPro79 to the list as well. He's been spot on with his VTC analyses this week.

I've just posted an article about this post going viral on Twitter. This post received a 4. For more information, click here! Always good to be in a community of people sharing their thoughts and experiences. The more knowledge you have the better decisions you can make. Best day trading twitter accounts, no of course I don't invest only on their predictions.

In the end I don't trust my money with strangers. But seeing different points of view sure does help naking those decisions for myself. Thank you so much for mentioning me my friend! It's an honor I hope I can continue best day trading twitter accounts up to.

Btw, my official Ethereum Evangelist twitter is http: I saw he did join. Not following anyone but has a lot of steempower already. Great strategy if you ask me. Not really that much SP the moment This is such a useful post for new trader and those who want to profit and this post should worth thousands. Yoda help me alot and my first sensei in crypto. Nicola Duke is the hands down expert per your list based on recent prediction accuracy. Is it short lived.?

Time will tell, but regardless, remarkable insight. Thanks for the list! I started trading back in April. This is a pretty best day trading twitter accounts list. Totally upvoting a 4 month old post, but I'm new to the crypto trading universe and needed some good twitmentors to get ahead of the curve. Thanks best day trading twitter accounts the article!

Thanks for the info, always useful to see what others think. There are many markets and when one see the totality of the thing then it becomes clear that you should try to get your foot in each door; this can be difficult for new comers with low volume to trade. I think it's important to set a main goal for yourself and look for what trading strategy suits that goal. Day trading isn't for everyone because there can be a lot best day trading twitter accounts risks.

I like to pick a few coins I keep my eye on, even when I'm not invested in them. Listening to what others say and decide to do and analysing yourself can teach you a lot, without the fear of losing your money. Mist crypto markets move a lot these days, so investing with a bit longer time line in mind can be very profitable. Tatlises - this one is interesting to follow.

Tatlises is a famous singer and allegedly a top gangster as well. I was looking for something like this As a favour back, would you consider: Share this link on Twitter with the ones you choose to follow. So they know you came through me. Don't forget to upvote and share this article with the traders you choose to follow Thank you so much!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Thanks for the comment! Not all cryptos are made equal Just listening, watching and interacting taught me a lot. So you invest basing only on their predictions? I will change the twitter in the article. Thank you for the list, will check some of them out. I follow a lot of these guys too! Thank you for the well organized list man! I was looking for this.

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The ACD binary allows the server to distribute calls option a queue to registered IP phone users agents. Best day trading twitter accounts an ACD Key Using the Indicator Web UI Use the following procedure to configure an ACD softkey, programmable key, or expansion module key using the Mitel Web UI. The ACD feature allows you to login to a phone queue in order to receive distributed calls on your IP best day trading twitter accounts.

Not even the most professional hedge fund managers would make these claims. Dubious Track Record: Is it usually quite best day trading twitter accounts to spot a fake proposal. All serious traders will keep a track record of their returns on a third party service such as myfxbook. These are the only ways that you can independently verify the results. Use of their broker Partners: When the trader wants you to use a broker that they recommend, that is also a really big red flag.