Access futures and options trading on icicidirect

I called to the number provided in ur site ,but it was on hold for 5 mins. Your dad will need to open both trading and demat with us. Can you please guide me on how to proceed?

Not for trading platform, but you can check the demo of our reporting tool here: We are on the verge of launching our MF platform, hopefully in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Check this link from NSE.

You can sign, mention the other account details, details of stock you want to transfer and send it back to us. How do trading firm or investment bank employees trade on behalf of their employers. The joint account includes both demat and trading.

Hi, Is there a depository participant charges for commodity intraday trading……. Option is on you. Is it possible to trade with single login?

Or in CNC order taking delivery I will charged differently. Point 1, check the link. You only pay for the seat to take you from point A to point B.

We charge Rs 20 or 0. Yes like other brokers when you place an order on the platform it is sent directly to the exchanges. But before opening account with ZerodhaI am confirming again. All accounts with credit balances of Rs.

Currency would most likely be enabled if while opening the trading account your wife had signed next to currency segment. Even if you have a joint demat, you can have only one trading mapped to it. Hi I am a first time investor and I have decided to go with zerodha.

Hi Nithin, hope u doing grt. You will have to send us a copy of your KBL personalized cheque along with request to map your bank on our email. August 11, at 9: Hi, I am currently using my hdfc trading and demat account for intraday trading. This is what I read in the internet.

No AMC for trading, only for demat. Please answer if time permits…. Any other hidden charges apart from mentioned in website?